Walk in the footsteps -  the legacy of Edith Pretty

Walk in the footsteps explores the connection between spiritualism and healing qualities of the land. Investigating the energy within a specific area of Sutton, personally connecting with Edith through relatable experiences of grief. 

Edith Pretty owned the Sutton Hoo estate in Woodbridge, Suffolk along with her husband Frank, an area which was
excavated in 1946 after his death. Edith Pretty became obsessed with the mounds within the land and beneath them lay an ancient Angelo Saxon burial ground.

This project explores the
spiritual connection and healing qualities of the land surrounding Edith's estate and the cross over between the subconscious and reality. 

'Pretty' 2020

'From the balcony' 2020

'Dig' 2020

'Frank' 2021

'Now walk' 2020

'The Forest at Dawn #1' 2020

'Listen' 2020

'The Forest at Dawn #2' 2020

'Alter' 2020

'Embedded' 2020

'Seek' 2021

'Patience' 2021

'Still' 2021

'Enchanted' 2021

'Walk in the footsteps' 2021

'Silver Birch reimagined' 2020

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